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My Songs

So far so good. Aaron released his first solo single – "Holy Smokin'" – in October of 2023 as a collaborative effort with Brian Collins and Will Turpin of "Realpeoplemusic." Plans for a full album in 2024 are under way. So stay "tuned."

Live Show Videos

Merle Haggard - “That’s the Way Love Goes” (Cover)
Merle Haggard- “That’s the Way Love Goes” Cover #countrymusic #singer
“Spin You Around”- Morgan Wallen.     #morganwallen #countrymusic
“I’d be better off (In a pine Box)”- Doug Stone (Cover)
Classic Country Music Cover -“ Pine Box” by Doug Stone #classiccountrymusic #countrymusic
“Like a Wrecking Ball” - Aaron Watkins (Eric Church Cover)



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